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Most people will tell you they hate moving. It’s a very common thing. But most people actually hate the packing and unpacking a lot more than they hate the geographical change. Moving can be exciting. Fun even, if you are happy about the move. But packing is never fun.

We’ve been moving people around Calgary for over a decade, and even we don’t enjoy packing. The difference is, as professional movers who offer a packing service, we get paid to do it. If you’re not getting paid to pack, it’s even less fun. You’ll never accurately estimate how long it takes to pack anything. There will never be enough supplies, and when you look away for just a second, everything seems to multiply. We know, we’ve done this more times than you can count! But when you hire someone to do that for you, you don’t have to deal with those kinds of things.

A professional packing services Calgary take the worst part of the moving process off your plate. It leaves you free to tie up loose ends at your old home or office, and to set up your new space without the stress. It’s a good idea to purge items you know you don’t want before you have professional packers come in though. So, plan a garage or yard sale before your planned packing date.

Professional packing services Calgary can also unpack your items on the other side. We can mark the boxes we pack with the relevant room, and make sure everything is in its place while you get settled.

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What to Expect from Packing Services?

If you’ve never used a packing services Calgary, you might be wondering what to expect. Our process starts with your initial call or email. We’ll ask about how many rooms you have, and what kind of stuff you will need to pack. We’ll discuss how our pricing works, and the kinds of supplies we will provide. Everything is completely above board and transparent. There are no hidden costs or surprise clauses. The rates you get quoted are the rates you will pay on the day. Because we’re a professional company, and we always honour our quotes.

If you decide to go ahead with your professional Packing Services Calgary, we’ll book a date and time for the job. We recommend that you spend some time getting rid of items you don’t plan to take along. You’ll save money on the time it takes to pack and on moving supplies. Then, when the day rolls around, we’ll arrive on time with our packing crew and get started. You can choose to be there when we do this, or we can do it while you go out.

Every box will be labelled, and everything that needs to be wrapped or protected will be. We’re also a professional moving company, so we’re insured – and we know how to pack! On moving day, all that’s left is to load up your stuff and take it to your new space. No rushing, no running out of supplies and a whole lot less stress

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Packing Service Supplies

When we pack for our customers, we only use the very best packing supplies. As professional movers, we know the risk of using flimsy boxes and too little packing materials. So, we have sturdy boxes in various sizes. We arrive with plastic wrap and bubble wrap for items that need it. We’ve got special boxes for your glasses and packing beans if anything should need it. In fact, when we do your packing for you, you can be sure everything will get there in one piece.

Imagine not having to go and find boxes. Or head to the hardware store and spend a small fortune on supplies. Imagine not running out of tape right when you’re in the middle of the move? If you choose us to do your packing, you don’t have to imagine. In fact, you can expect to:

  • Have a professional Packing Services Calgary team on site on the date we book.
  • Have all the packing supplies needed to get the job done.
  • Fast, friendly and professional packing service.
  • Extra attention paid to your stuff, so it gets there safe.

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Ask about Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

Residential Packing Services Calgary

Moving in general is hard, but packing is probably the thing that people hate the most. Things you thought would be quick and easy to sort and pack take ages. Rooms that you thought would be a breeze take five times as long as you thought you would. Just when you think you’re making headway, you run out of boxes. Or tape. Which means you have to run to the store. Our customers agree that packing is the pits, which is why we offer packing services too. Why rush to pack at night, after a long day at work, when you can hire our team to do it for you? We wrap it, pack it carefully and mark it so it goes to the right room. It’s like having your very own packing fairy – and it really makes a difference. In fact, if you don’t have to pack for weeks on end, you might find you like moving after all! Our Residential Packing Services Calgary and unpacking services include:
  • Professional grade boxes and supplies that will keep your stuff safe.
  • No more worrying if you’ll get done in time, or at all!
  • A quick, easy, and painless packing process that you actually enjoy.
Our Residential Packing Services Calgary are a true soup to nuts service. Choose the whole package or opt to do some things yourself. We offer all kinds of flexible options to make your move one that you will actually enjoy doing!

Corporate Packing Services Calgary

The good news is that most corporate moves don’t require quite as much packing as homes do. After all, you’re not taking grandma’s china and all the kid’s school mementos! But there’s still a lot of paperwork, office supplies, files and more that need to go. If you don’t have the time, we can arrange a professional Corporate packing services Calgary for you! Get all of these benefits:

  • Great deals on professional grade packing supplies.
  • Time saving – because time is money.
  • No hassles, so you can focus on your business.

Don’t waste your employees time with packing. Or make them work around piles of packing supplies while they try to call customers. You’ll save more money by trusting the job to the pros. And we’re just the pros for the job. Pac

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​Would you like an Accurate Quote? The best way to get an Accurate Quote is to take pictures off what you have to move on your Mobile phone and send them to us.​All Trucks come with blankets, bed bags, 2- 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps, furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners ( to protect your flooring) and a tool box to take apart any kind of furniture and dis/connect washer and dryer.

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Late bookings special if you are moving in the next 7 days.We do have Two men and a Truck crew, Three men and a Truck crew and Four men and a Truck crew. Any Size Truck.

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Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

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