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Shifting from one place to another is not an easy task. It takes up a lot of time, energy, and physical power. The end product of moving out is always mental and physical exhaustion. Well, not when you have a few helping hands to divide the load. This is precisely why Real Estate Movers is here for you! We are your Conventry Hills moving services with over ten years of experience in the moving industry. Our moving team has been moving houses, offices, furniture, and factory loads for many years. This decade of experience has earned us invaluable experience and trust all over Calgary. We always aim to build a customer partnership. This partnership is based on trust, honesty, hard work, and mutual respect. Our hard work has made us the number one Coventry Hills moving services in town. Moreover, we have a record of losing not a single moving contract since our establishment.

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The process of moving out can be summed up in a few steps. But once you start, you come to know how difficult it is. Let’s start with packing all the things in an organized manner and sorting out the delicates separately. Next up, packing kitchen wares and clothes in different cartons, moreover wrapping up glassware and metalware for safe transfer. All of this is step number one only!

Not to mention the loading and transportation and rearranging. You are bound to be worn out at the end of the day. At Real Estate Movers, we work to lessen your burden. We work by being your extra hands in everything. Therefore, we strive to provide you with the best Conventry Hills moving company. Moreover, we aim to make the moving process fun and an enjoyable experience for you rather than a tiring one!

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Real Estate Movers takes pride in delivering 100% satisfaction to its customers. Our team works with utmost diligence and transparency. We work by packing your valuables with care and supervision. We take care to avoid breaking any of your valuables. Next, we load all this into trucks with our careful organization. Lastly, we transport this all safely to your destination. Therefore, providing you with a complete and safe moving package without over-exerting yourself too much!

Real Estate Movers are your local Coventry Hills movers. We offer our services to Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Halifax. Furthermore, we also provide intracity, city-to-city, and province-to-province services. We plan our complete moving process with our customers. What to move, how to move, and where to move. All are arranged according to our customer’s will. So whenever you need reliable Coventry Hills moving services, call us at Real Estate Movers!

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Ask about Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

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At Real Estate Movers, we are professionals who value trust and customer care over everything. We promise our customers punctuality and arrive right on time for our job. We take pride in providing exceptional services at the most competitive prices. Moreover, our services are available all seven days a week. Therefore, when searching for “movers near me in Coventry Hills” for your moving process, Real Estate Movers are always there for you!

We are your reliable and efficient Coventry Hills moving services. We provide you with moving packages as per your requirement. Our deals include one-person crews, two-person crews, and three-person crews. We also offer trucks for transportation. Furthermore, we also provide complete and partial packages to suit your needs. We offer affordable services and highly experienced team workers. Therefore, when you hire us for your moving process, be assured that your valuables are in safe hands.


Best Movers Calgary

There is no lack of moving companies in Calgary. Yet, among all the moving companies SE Calgary possesses, Real Estate Movers has made its mark as the Best Movers Calgary has to offer. Clearly, our expert team, quality tools, and persistence in perfectly completing tasks are our distinguishing features.

The best part about our company is that we provide these exceptional services at quite affordable rates. There is no risk of hidden prices or sudden inflation in what we charge. So, you’re getting every possible perk to make the turbulent time of moving easier on you. Of course, it’s no doubt people gravitate to us as their most independent option among the best movers, Calgary.


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At Real Estate Movers, we have a variety of trucks. We will meet your relocation needs. It doesn’t matter the size of the move. All Trucks come with protective blankets, bed bags, 2 – 4 wheel dollies, shoulder straps, furniture slides (to protect your furniture), floor runners (to protect your flooring) as well as a toolbox to disassemble any kind of furniture and disconnect your appliances.

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Three Men and a Truck if Needed.

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